Ballito Crushers employs 30 people from within the local community. The companies' policies and practise are aligned with local law as well as an understanding of the needs of the employee. For this reason we have fond that staff are generally with us for a long period, and generally enjoy the working relationship that they have with management.

In terms of development of employees and adherence to local legislation as regards Employment equity, the company has identified training opportunities for staff. In addition to on the job training they are also skilled in numeracy and literacy. On an ongoing basis a review is undertaken of the career prospects of all the staff and their progress towards the goals that we have set for them is monitored.

The company will in 2011 begin with an external internship programme as well as an internal re-skilling of its staff. The company realises the need for portable skills and will endeavour to ensure that all staff are exposed to diverse skills in order that they can contribute in a greater way to the development of their communities.

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