Social responsibility

Ballito Crushers is well aware of its importance in uplifting the local communities. In this regard the company has been very proactive and has numerous projects that it has undertaken. In addition to the upliftment of its employees through ongoing training the company has been directly involved in the community.

The company has identified individuals from the surrounding communities, that would otherwise not had had the access to tertiary education, and given them complete bursaries to study their chosen fields. Into the future the company will continue to look for individuals that will add benefit to the communities as well as improving lives of historically disadvantaged South Africans.

In addition to the bursaries offered the company is in the process of indentifying students that require internship, and ensuring that their working experience is meaningful.

The company maintains a high level of health and safety responsibility to its employees. Medicals are undertaken regularly. The employees are also instructed in health and safety matters continuously ensuring that all preventative measures are followed in this regard.

Monthly audits are undertaken by an external company to assess the employee's exposure to various elements including noise, heat and dust.

The company is also aware of its environmental role and for this reason adopted and environmental plan to ensure that the surrounding areas are impacted as little as possible. On an annual basis ASPASA undertake an audit of our environmental policies and practices to ensure adherence to their prescribed standards. The company currently has been accredited as a five fish eagle company the highest that can be attained. As with any scare resource there needs to be a certain level of control, water is such a commodity. Tests are regularly undertaken to ensure that there is no impact from our operations at the quarry.

In a continued attempt to advance the living standards of our staff interest free loans are given to build homes or make improvements to their living conditions.

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