The quarry is situated in the cane fields of northern KZN. We are fortunate that the farm on which we are situated and its surrounds has a good supply of dolerite. Dolerite is a volcanic rock. A fine-textured, dark-gray to black igneous rock composed mostly of plagioclase feldspar (labradorite) and pyroxene and exhibiting ophitic texture. It is commonly used for crushed stone. Dolerite is an intrusive igneous rock; that is, one which has "invaded older rock and may displace or dilate the pre-existing rock".

Dolerite is formed below the Earth's surface, a form of basalt, containing relatively little silica (mafic in composition). Dolerite is a medium-grained (hypabyssal) basalt and forms in shallow intrusions, such as dykes, which cut across the rock strata, and sills, which push between beds of sedimentary rock. When exposed at the surface, dolerite weathers into spherical lumps.

Dolerite is a coarse black or dark greenish crystalline rock. Crystals in dolerite can be up to 5mm in length. The minerals in dolerite are rich in iron so it weathers a dark rusty brown. Dolerite is a very hard, heavy rock that makes an excellent road stone. Dolerite is an intrusive igneous rock, cooled slowly beneath the ground. It can also be injected violently into the crust in sheet-like structures called dykes. These are associated with pulling apart of the crust, creating gaps which are filled in by molten rock which then cools to form dolerite. It is an Igneous rock, with a grain size < 1 mm (extrusive). It is a basic rock, with a total silica content of 45-55%.

Due to the high quality of the base product we are able to produce good blush stone crusher run. We currently produce the following types of crusher run:

Natural G7

This is the cheapest and easiest to product to make. It is a natural product that is predominately overburden and natural rock. Its predominately use is that of a filling material.

Crushed G5

This is a crushed product used as a sub-base for roads and parking areas.

Crushed G2

This is a crushed product made exclusively of crushed dolerite, it has no overburden in it. It is a base layer product used primarily in road construction and parking lots.

Dump Rock

This is a rock that is taken directly from the blast, used predominately as a fill material for gabion baskets or a natural drainage.

19mm Stone

This is a crushed product approximately 19mm in diameter. It is used primarily in the production of concrete.

13mm Stone

This has been crushed further to an approximate diameter of 13mm. It is used primarily as stone in block making. It has also been used in landscaping for gravel driveways and pathways.

Crusher Dust

This is the finest crushed material, it is composed entirely of crushed product and used in the production of concrete blocks. The approximate size of the largest stone is 9.5mm in diameter.