The quarry is situated in the cane fields of northern KZN. We are fortunate that the farm on which we are situated and its surrounds has a good supply of dolerite. Dolerite is a volcanic rock. A fine-textured, dark-gray to black igneous rock composed mostly of plagioclase feldspar (labradorite) and pyroxene and exhibiting ophitic texture
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sample testingSample Testing &

To ensure that the quality of our crushed product meets our customers' requirements, regular testing is undertaken by both ourselves as well as independent laboratories. Attached find testing results for our products.

• 9.5,13,19
• g2,g5,g7

Ballito Crushers (Pty) Ltd is situated just north of Ballito in Kwa Zulu Natal. We have been supplying aggregates in KZN since 2003. The business is ideally situated for the development that is taking place in the region. In addition quick access to arterial roads makes delivery to most areas affordable. The company was founded by Clive Damant a Professional Engineer who has had years of engineering experience around the world, his expertise together with the staff ensure that our customers' needs are met.

The quarry is situated on Wagondrift farm near Tinley Manor station and provides work opportunities for 30 people. In addition to the direct employees the company has aided historically disadvantaged individuals, through bridging financing, to attain operating equipment for the delivery of its products.

The company extracts dolerite from the ground and through its primary and secondary crushing abilities produces a crushed G5, G2, G1, 19mm stone, 13mm stone and crusher dust. It also can supply a natural G7 (overburden). To ensure the best possible products for our customers’ regular sampling and testing is undertaken by an independent laboratory.

The company has also maintained a high level of social responsibility, and is currently a certified level 4 BBBEE company. We are independently audited by ASPASA each year for adherence to safety and environmental factors. Our achievement of annually attaining 4 out of 5 shields for safety and 5 for environmental issues sets us apart from other quarries.

Our employers are important to us and for this reason we have a high level of internal training. In this regard ABET and Health and Safety are our current areas of concentration. In addition to internal training the company has identified deserving individuals from the local community and has awarded them bursaries to attend tertiary education institutions.


Ballito Crushers has always been focused on correct business practices, for this reason we have employed reputable certification agencies to validate the practices that have been put in place.

Our health and safety requirements are audited annually by ASPASA, the results that we have attained put us on a par with large listed quarries. We currently enjoy the ASPASA status of 4 shields for health and safety status.

In addition to the health and safety ASPASA also perform our environmental audits annually and here once again our commitment to the environment in which we operate is evident. We achieved 5 fish eagles in this area.

  • deliveryDelivery
    • The establishment of Ballito Crushers has enabled the local community to benefit from our success through the provision of transport services for our products. Currently the company has 9 dedicated trucks from 3 different companies. The high level of service offered by the company to our customers would not be possible without the support of our transport companies.
  • crushingCrushing
    • As with most quarries, initial crushing takes place with the initial blast. Care is taken during blasting due to the surrounding farms and concerns. After the blast crushing takes place in first the primary crusher moving on through a cone and a Hazamag. The products are separated at various times during the crushing dependent upon the screens in place.

      In addition to the static jaw the company has increased its flexibility through the purchase of a mobile screen, jaw and cone. This investment while costly has improved the company’s ability to meet the continuing needs of the customer.

      The investment into machinery is crucial to the production of quality stone, which meets and often exceeds the needs of our customers.
  • operating equipmentOperating Equipment
    • Quarrying and crushing remains a harsh environment on both people and machinery. Through the companies health and safety program the needs of the employee are met. Without machinery the needs of our customers would be difficult to meet.

      The maintenance of our machinery is of paramount importance, on a daily basis maintenance is undertaken on the machines while a more thorough approach is undertaken at the weekend. The staff do as much preventative maintenance as they can while regular service is undertaken by the original supplier.
  • suppliersSuppliers
    • Through a communicative approach the company has developed good working relationships with all its suppliers. We are well aware of the symbiotic relationship that needs to exist to ensure high service levels are maintained our achievement of level 4 BBBEE status is proof of our commitment to uplifting the community in which we operate through high levels of spending with qualifying suppliers.

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